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Critical Knowledge/Skills

  • 2-4 years experience in human services, healthcare,  and other non-profit agencies .
  • Demonstrates a safe, strengths based environment while continuously using every day behavior opportunities to teach, guide, and support youth and families with their goals and challenges to remain in the home and in their communities.
  • Capacity for behavior management utilizing counseling techniques, program structure, guidelines and crisis intervention and to use metrics to ensure accountability.

Performance Expectations/Key Challenges

  • Provide in-home and community strengths based services to clients and families by addressing behaviors with targeted outcomes within an expected timeframe.
  • Work collaboratively with integrated team of caseworkers, behavioral assistants and clinicians to develop treatment goals, provide resources, advocacy, perform routine assessments and build relationships with clients and families.
  • Maintain crisis and trauma counseling and other services to help ensure client and family safety.
  • Build and sustain collaborations with community partners, including health, education, vocation, legal and family intervention providers with the goal of increasing access to services for individuals and families whose needs align with our services.
  • Ensure quality service metrics are met through ongoing analysis, case review, daily ETO reporting, and accuracy of data entry into TFS ETO platform or other reporting measures.
  • Serve as liaison/advocate between the program, community and surrounding neighbors to build partnerships.
  • Support activities, services and programs that uphold NASW professional boundaries and culturally sensitive to clients and families.
  • Develop case reports or communication letters or other forms of contact to truancy court or other juvenile justice systems.
  • Attend and participate in all required program meetings including; program coordinator meetings, biweekly supervision with leadership, run downs, and all staff meetings.
  • Coordinate activities and resources that can benefit all clients and families within TFS

Essential Roles/Experiences

  • Strong crisis management, problem-solving, and interpersonal skills, particularly when working with youth of all ages.
  • Managed in-home and community strengths based services to clients and families .
  • Skilled in building relationships with internal team, stakeholders, clients and families, schools, law enforcement and other community resources.

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