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Critical Knowledge/Skills

  • 4-6 years of environmental experience and demonstrated solid track record of quality and customer satisfaction within EVS.
  • The Environmental Service technician is responsible for ensuring the Environmental Services Department maintains the highest possible standards of cleanliness and compliant with HIPPA, OSHA and Council on Accreditation.

Performance Expectations/Key Challenges

  • Responsible for facilitating and participating in the delivery of quality care of service and safety.
  • Sweeps, dust mops and wet-mops hard and resilient floors of assigned areas throughout Tides’ locations.
  • Dry dusts, damp dusts and washes horizontal and vertical surfaces, such as walls, doors, partitions, blinds, tables, desks, file cabinets, waste receptacles as well as ledges, pipes, corners, and other hard-to-reach surfaces using step stools or ladders, as necessary.
  • Vacuums, spot cleans carpeted floors and weather mats (moves and arranges furniture and equipment in an orderly fashion after cleaning).
  • Sanitizes and disinfects sinks, toilets, other restroom fixtures/accessories, all doorknobs and high traffic areas, aligned with the expectations of COVID-19 and Council on Accreditation requirements.
  • Disposes of waste, relines receptacles with clean bags and transports trash to designated areas.
  • Selects materials, supplies, refills, and equipment from designated areas and transports to West Warwick, Provide and Pawtucket Tide’s locations.
  • Report unsafe conditions and conduct research to improve housekeeping.
  • Participates in Safety Committee and periodically prepares report to the Vice President of Risk Management on critical issues.
  • Maintains housekeeping inventory supplies within budgetary amounts.
  • Performs conference room set-ups according to specified instructions.
  • Other environmental services duties as needed.

Essential Roles/Experiences

  • Experience with environmental service procedures for all assignments.
  • Skilled in sanitizing and disinfecting of all Tides’ building systems and equipment.
  • Thorough knowledge of cleaning chemicals properly according to Council on Accreditation and OSHA standards.

Leadership Quality

  • Strong commitment to the Agency’s mission.
  • High level of integrity and trustworthiness .
  • Multitasker that can prioritize workload in an effective manner.

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