At Tides, we believe our great work will only continue if you as an employee are healthy, happy and have a balance in life. Although our salaries are competitive to our colleagues and limited due to state funding constraints, our benefits are outstanding and more than others.

In 2017, 85% of employees agree that Tides:

  • Demonstrates and adheres to the Mission

  • Offers higher quality supervision

  • Offer great professional development opportunities

  • Gives access to great technology

  • Allows all employees to have a voice

  • Recognizes self-care needs and family needs

  • Is a professional yet family atmosphere

What makes us unique is that Tides pays the first $4,000 of $6,000 deductible for family coverage and the first $3,000 of $4,000 for individual coverage. (Staff that waives medical coverage receives $2,400 annually.)

Nonprofits today do not have pension plans, however, WE DO! Fully funded employer retirement plan through the Christian Brother’s. Tides will contribute 6.5% of your annual salary (free money). Employee is fully invested after 4 years and 9 months of continuous full time employment.

Available as an employee funded option

For $25,000 with no cost to the employee.

We realize staff will travel in their positions. Mileage reimbursement is at the federal rate of $.53.

2 weeks minimum vacation prorated at time of hire. Increases to 3 weeks after two years of service with the agency (typically vacation days and sick days are combined at other agencies).

10 sick days per fiscal year.

13 paid holidays!

1 per fiscal year.

Available for continuing education.

Available as an employee funded option.

Available after 1 year.

Added wage differential given to any hired candidate that is bilingual and fluent in a language that may be useful with the Agency’s client’s demographics

Tides Family Services encourages growth and development for our all employees. Clinicians working at Tides are allowed to complete the necessary CEU’s to maintain licensure during work hours at no cost to the employee.

All programs offer high quality supervision. Each clinician at Tides is supervised by an independently licensed clinician meeting the clinical supervision requirements to obtain clinical licensure.

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Considering a career in social services?
Tides Family Services offers undergraduate and graduate level internships. We consider internships with students considering a career in Social Work, Criminal Justice, Sociology, Psychology, Marketing, Business, Accounting and Fundraising

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“You can’t say you care about people and not care about your staff.”

-Brother Michael Reis, Founder