Our Story

Instilling Hope

Over 14,000 of Rhode Island’s children under 5 are living in poverty.
Nearly 1,500 of these children are victims of abuse and neglect.

And Then There Are Stories…

• A child traumatized by violence at school, in their neighborhood, and at home.
• A mother with a disabling disease consumed by desperation and survival.
• A family forced to choose between heating their third floor or putting food on the table.

These stories inspire us to keep going. Day after day, we put names to these stories.
We then witness them transform—through small steps, tiny miracles and home-grown hope.

At the end of the day, the #1 thing to know is that
wherever the kids in need are, Tides staff will be there.






    • No one person can keep the agency running. We work together to achieve our goals in helping children and families, and uphold our Mission.
    • Every person that works at Tides contributes something unique. We inspire each other with our creativity, dedication and commitment to the work we do.
    • Our staff has a diverse background—education, language, culture, family and more are all pieces of individuality that are welcomed.
    • Tides is made up of qualified professionals with a history of successes to share.
    • We work with some of the poorest families in the state, and with high-risk youth. Sometimes we need to support each other—and we do.




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We give hope to kids and their families.

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